12 Hours Left

Hello Detectives,

We’re into the final push of the campaign. We’re very close to hitting our last stretch goal: the Kickstarter exclusive badges. So, if you know anyone who would be interested in The Detective Society, please do let them know.

We’ve had a few questions about what will happen after the campaign ends. As we are going to start shipping Episode One next month, we will shortly send you all a backer survey asking for your details and what language you would like your packages to be in (English, French, German or Spanish).

There will also be a section for those of you who have increased your pledge sizes to get multiple copies of the game. In this section you will be able to enter the additional addresses you want them shipped to.

Thank you once again for all of your support over the last 45 days. As the campaign ends, the real fun begins!

All the best,

Joe, Tristan and Dan

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The Detective Society makes immersive tabletop adventure games. You become the Detective, exploring the evidence to solve the crime!