About Us

Here at The Detective Society we are passionate about making games filled with interesting, original puzzles and immersive, engaging narratives.

Building on our backgrounds in the escape room industry, we created The Detective Society in early 2020 to bring excitement and intrigue into our players' homes. Since then, our games have been played by tens of thousands of people worldwide and we continue to release a brand new episode of The Detective Society every month.

The Team

Joe Mills Photo

Joe Mills

Joe has been instrumental in the success of some of the best escape games that London has to offer.

His journey began with Time Run, which was voted the 'third best escape game in the world' in 2019; continued with Sherlock: The Game Is Now - the official BBC TV series tie-in - and most recently he created and launched the immersive puzzle-based cocktail experience, The Case of the Poisoned Chalice - one of Design My Night's top picks for a night out in London.

Tristan Rogers Photo

Tristan Rogers

Tristan is the Head of Narrative at the Detective Society, taking ultimate responsibility for our plots and characters. He also works with Joe when it comes to puzzle design, and between them they ensure that each puzzle is rooted in the story.

Away from The Society, he has also created escape rooms, most recently co-designing and producing The Mind of Moriarty, the newest game at Sherlock: The Official Live Game - the official BBC TV series tie-in.

Tristan is also an award-winning writer, and has written for numerous programmes on BBC Radio.

He was invited to join BAFTA as part of their 2023 intake of Connect members.

Dan Wiseman Photo

Dan Wiseman

Dan brings his vast business and marketing experience to the team. For over 10 years he has been building and operating successful businesses, including a digital marketing agency.

He's connected to the Detective Society through a mutual love of all things gaming-related, evidenced by his constant stream of RPG game ideas. Dan made his first RPG when he was just 13 years old.