A Fun Trip To Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth

I recently had the joy of playing the first escape room at Marvo Mysteries Bournemouth. We loved it! Read on to find out why. (Don’t worry, no spoilers!)

My partner and I went on a super sunny Saturday afternoon. Marvo is based on the ground floor of a high-street retail unit. The shop front showcases a wide array of mysterious artefacts to wet your appetite for the coming adventure.

And it didn’t take long for adventure to begin! To find the actual entrance to the escape room, we needed to follow the instructions received by email which led us down a hidden path to the back of the building.

The entrance was well dressed; looking like a futuristic loading bay. Very exciting. I’m a big fan of rooms that put a real effort into creating immersion throughout the experience, even as you arrive. Just like visiting a good theme park, the theming is just as important to me as the ‘ride’. Good job Marvo!

An industrial entrance way to the Marvo Mysteries Escape-room in Bournemouth

We was greeted by the co-owner Lizzy who gave us an introduction inside the fantastically themed waiting room/gift shop. The whole place was a nerds dream: with artefacts from films such as Harry Potter and The Lord Of Rings lining the walls in glass cabinets. It was like a museum of nerdiness – all before we’d even started the escape game!

Moving on to our actual adventure, I won’t give away too much about what happens inside the room. But what I will say is this:

Firstly, there is a great use of technology in the game. Careful thought had clearly been given to ensure items moved, lit up or activated at the right times, when we pressed buttons or pulled levers. It was a joy to see the physical effects of our puzzle solving.

Secondly, the story; whilst a bit difficult to follow at times, had plenty of twists and turns. It added great drama – and without spoiling anything, the ending is a real rollercoaster. We left the adventure feeling exhilarated; analysing everything we did and trying to work out how it all connected together.

The production quality throughout was fantastic. The room was excellently themed, very immersive and authentic. We really felt like we was inside the world that Marvo had created, trying to solve the mystery.

In summary, if you have the good fortune to be based in South England, or visit any time soon, I can’t recommend Marvo Mysteries enough. Well worth a visit!

Dan posing for the camera with his partner, in the Marvo Mysteries Escape-room Bournemouth

Written by Dan Wiseman
Co-Founder, The Detective Society

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