Bonus Content and Episode Two

Hello Detectives,

As many of you will have no doubt seen, over the weekend we sent out the first piece of between-episode bonus content! To avoid spoilers, this will only have been sent to players who have finished Episode One (it will have gone to the email used to send the final email). If you haven’t already solved Episode One – don’t worry! It’ll be automatically sent to you 24-72 hours after you finish.

This week we’re manufacturing Episode Two. We’ll send out another update when it has been shipped. This means that you only have until the end of Wednesday to let us know if you want to change your address for this episode. If you do want to change it, email: [email protected]

If you wish to subscribe from Episode Two onwards you have until the end of the month. From September 1st we will start taking subscriptions from those who wish to start with Episode Three. In addition to subscriptions, you can buy previously released and upcoming episodes from our website:

Until then, stay safe Detectives.

Tristan, Dan & Joe

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