Episode One Dispatched!

Hello Detectives!

Today is the day – our first copies of Episode One have been dispatched! We handed over 26 sacks to the Royal Mail a few hours ago and they are now heading to all corners of the world. The Royal Mail estimates the following delivery times:

  • UK: 2-3 days
  • Europe: 3-5 days
  • USA, Canada and the Rest of the World: 6-7 days

However, Coronavirus is causing some issues with the global shipping network so there is a chance they may take slightly longer than estimated.

If you’ve bought a copy, you will also have received an email from us with a few preliminary details about your case. If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam and ensure that our domains – thedetectivesociety.com & thedetectivesociety.co.uk – are whitelisted.

If you still need to purchase a copy of Episode One you can do so by visiting our shop.

We hope you enjoy the cases – do let us know how it’s going on social media: you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and we’d love to see some photos of you and your packages. And remember, if you want to chat about the case with your fellow detectives, then join our Facebook and Reddit communities – but please do avoid any spoilers.

Now we’re going to get back to working on the next episodes.

Good luck with the case,

Joe, Tristan and Dan

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