Episode Two Dispatched

Hello Detectives!

We’re very pleased to say that we have shipped the English versions of Episode Two!

When we gave you estimated delivery times when we shipped Episode One, we hadn’t taken into account the delays at customs we are seeing as a result of Covid-19. With that in mind, here are our new estimates of how long it should take for your packages to arrive:

  • UK – 2-5 days
  • Europe – 1-2 weeks
  • USA – 2-4 weeks
  • Canada, Australia & NZ – 3-5 weeks

Also, following feedback from some of our backers, we have made efforts to ensure that our boxes are sealed more securely.

It’s our aim to ship non-English versions of Episode Two in the next two to three weeks.

Good luck solving Episode Two!

Joe, Tristan and Dan

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