Important Information for Customers in the EU

Due to the UK's exit from Europe, the rules around exporting products are being clarified. Customers in the EU purchasing our games may have to pay "Import VAT" to receive their package. The amount varies depending on what country you are in, but is usually in the region of £6 GBP for a single episode, plus any handling fees.

We are doing our best to understand the new rules and work with our freight partners to reduce or remove these costs for our EU customers, but this will take some time. At the moment, we are sad to say that any customers in the EU will need to be aware of this potential extra fee when ordering, and that we are unable to reimburse them for such fees.

Customers in the EU should check with their individual country's authority to ensure that are happy with the extra fees, before ordering from us.

We will keep you updated. We didn't want any of this, but it's something we are working hard to figure out.

The Detective Society Team