German Edition funded on Kickstarter!

This is a copy of an update posted to our Kickstarter on February 21st 2022.

Hey Detectives!

We’re delighted to have reached our funding goal. This means that our print-run of The Disappearance of Claire Makova in German will go ahead.

In case you haven’t yet bought in to the project, this will be the only place to get your copy so don’t miss out! We know that many people got in touch with us after our first Kickstarter hoping to get their hands on copies, but we can only do limited print-runs based on what people pre-order here on Kickstarter. So get your orders in!

And if you are looking for some feedback from players enjoying our English version, here is some of the best:

“I’ve done a few subscription boxes, and this was by far the best… There’s as much content in this one episode as I’ve seen in complete experiences.”

“I’m pretty sure this is the only Kickstarter I’ve backed that has shipped on time. Great job!”

“An engaging narrative, fun puzzles, and a bombshell of an ending… one of the top options available.”

And as always, you can support our small business by sharing this game with your friends, families and pets (lol).

Stay safe Detectives!

From Dan, Joe & Tristan  

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