Get to know Co-Founder Dan in his ‘Puzzling Company’ Interview

Dan had a great time meeting the team behind the Puzzling Company podcast. Thank you so much for playing our games!

Jared and Zach, the team behind Puzzling Company got their hands on The Disappearance of Claire Makova: Episode One . Here is what they said…

“I think it is one of the most inviting narratives of a first episode we’ve played in a while,” said Zach. Wow, thank you! If you haven’t played our games yet, you’ll be interested to know that we designed our first episode to be an introduction to the series.

It’s a fine balance between making sure the episodes are self-contained as a fun experience, and also making sure there is enough of a cliff-hanger to lure you into the escalating story. The drama quickly ramps up! But if you just want to try the first episode, that’s fine too.

One of our unique things is that we try and keep you fully immersed in the world we’ve created. So we make sure the puzzles make sense for a real Detective. “It all felt very appropriate,” said Jared. “It stayed within the narrative.”

Jared likes that we even “framed the hint system as a Detective who is more experienced, who is willing to offer some guidance.” So if you are new to these sorts of puzzle experiences, you’ll be in safe hands with our expert detective, Lucid Montgomery guiding the way.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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