Last chance to update your details

Great news, Detectives!

We’ve spent this week packing our lovely new boxes and we’re aiming to begin shipping them to you all on Monday 27th July. 

We can’t yet give a definitive arrival date for your individual parcels, as it will depend upon Royal Mail and the exact day during the week that your item is posted, but we hope everyone who has purchased an English copy of Episode One will get their delivery in the next two weeks. We will of course keep you updated if there are any changes.

We’re so excited to see our games in shiny physical format and we’re even more excited to hear about your adventures and experiences as you begin solving the case. Don’t forget to say hi on social media 🙂

As we begin shipping, this is your last chance to update your delivery address. If there are any changes to what you’ve set already, please email [email protected]


Dan, Joe, Tristan

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