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Hello Detective,

We have received the following message for you from Claire in Molvaria.

Kind regards,

The Detective Society

Hello Detective,

I’ve arrived in Pochiv. But I don’t just want to go up to the address in my dad’s note and knock on the door - I want to know who lives there first.

The government keeps a list of who lives at every address in Molvaria on their electoral register. However, they encrypt it to protect each resident’s identity. I need you to look through the system and work out whose house it is.

Here’s a link to the Electoral Register for Molvaria:

I guess it’d be useful to have an example of what the encryption does to a normal address. Dad still owns a property in the capital that he used when he had to travel back. This is the address:

St. Radul 39
144094 Pochiv

Oh and in case you can’t find the picture of the note Dad left me, here it is:

When you find out who lives in this property, email it to me at [email protected] and we’ll work out what to do next.

Claire x