Press Release: The Professor’s Missing Potion Launched

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Immersive puzzle game-maker, The Detective Society has launched a new print-and-play family game called The Professor’s Missing Potion.

This is the company’s first foray into the print-and-play medium, providing families with something easily accessible for those rainy days at home, without the need to wait for a physical package to arrive by post.

The game follows Professor Errol as he tries to recover his missing potion. Much like other Detective Society games, players will have to talk to Errol via WhatsApp or SMS texts, explore tons of specially-made websites, watch the cast bumbling about in funny videos and listen to carefully scripted audio clips.

This is the first game by the company that is specifically targeting a younger audience, making it perfect for junior Detectives with adult supervision.

The game is available now for £9.99 from the Detective Society’s website.

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