Reviews and Testimonials

“Really well put together, just as exciting as an escape room but all from your own lounge”

“I've done a few subscription boxes, and this was by far the best… There’s as much content in this one episode as I’ve seen in complete experiences.”

“The makers have gone to great lengths to create an immersive, winding story that interacts on so many different platforms.”

“Really impressed with the quality, the level of challenge and the amount of content! Can't wait for our next assignment!”

"The sheer attention to detail and variety of puzzles and media used to solve them is staggering"

"It’s absolutely worth every penny! Wonderfully executed! You have THE best games we’ve played bar none!"

"Loving the humour as much as the puzzles"

"Just when you think it’s over, it sends you somewhere else! Brilliant!!!"

"The physical media you are sent and the digital media you use during your investigation is all top notch quality"

"Incredibly well put together and really enjoyable - can’t wait for the next one!"

"Everyone from 10 to 45 really enjoyed it"