The Cursed Exhibition Is Upon Us!

Hello Detectives,

Something sinister is going down at the Museum of Legends and Mythology. The case is on! 

We’re pleased to say that Episode One of The Cursed Exhibition has been shipped. We’re so excited for you all to start unpicking the mystery surrounding the death of Claudia Cobb!

Claudia Cobb needs you!

Backers in EU countries should expect their packages to take longer than usual to arrive as we are shipping them to our third party distributer who will then ship them to our customers – this is so we can deliver them to you without you having to pay costly import tax and handling fees.

In other news, we had a great time meeting some of our Detectives first-hand at the UK Games Expo earlier in the month. Read about it here:

Some insider info: we’ve just booked to attend the Essen Spiele 2021 in October. Will we see you there?!

Good luck with the case Detectives,

Joe, Tristan and Dan

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