The Detective Society on Bush’s Board Game Thing Podcast, plus a chance to win!

Image of Andy Bush with the words Andy Bush's Board Game Thing
Image copyright Andy Bush / Zatu Games

We were delighted to be featured on the Bush’s Board Game Thing podcast.

Headed up by Andy Bush, DJ on Absolute Radio, the Board Game Thing Podcast is great fun, and we’re regular listeners here at Detective Society HQ.

The podcast is unique in that the three friends – Andy, Elouise and Brian – focus as much on the discussions that happen whilst playing board games, as the games themselves!

How did they get on playing episode one of The Disappearance of Claire Makova?

It started so optimistically, with Elouise channelling Columbo as her spirit detective, Andy choosing Lovejoy and Brian picking Wallander!

After solving a few puzzles, the group began to struggle with some of the more logic-based challenges…

“We’re clearly too thick to be able to do this properly”, jokes Andy. In the end, Andy described their attempt as a spectacular failure. LOL. Oh dear!

Can you do any better? Can you get further than the Board Game Thing gang? The Disappearance of Claire Makova, alongside our other two adventures, is available for purchase now. You could also win a copy of the game by following the instructions at the end of the podcast! Check it out.

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