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Hey Detectives,

Thank you so much to everyone who has played Episode One and your amazing comments and testimonials. It sounds like many of you are having a blast! We’re excited to send Episode Two to you later this month.

If you have enjoyed the game, please consider leaving us a rating and “logging your play” on Board Game Geek. As many of you will know, ‘BGG’ is the leading site for board games and having a good profile on there really helps The Detective Society to find new members and share the fun!

Have a look here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/309003/detective-society

In other news, we know some people are still waiting for Episode One to arrive. Don’t worry though: we’re still seeing games from our first batch being delivered daily around the world. This is to be expected with the current restrictions and slow-downs in global shipping. We’re sure you’ll see your package arriving soon!

We’re now in the process of packaging up our Episode One translations for French, German and Spanish. These should ship before the end of the week and we’ll send another update when they’re on their way.

Until then, stay safe Detectives. Thanks for your support.

Dan, Joe & Tristan

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The Detective Society makes immersive tabletop adventure games. You become the Detective, exploring the evidence to solve the crime!