We’ve slashed our shipping prices! Plus: we’re ‘customs friendly’

It’s been a tough few years for global shipping. With the effects of the global pandemic and – in the UK – Brexit, the cost to send parcels internationally has skyrocketed…

We’ve spent the last 10 months tweaking, experimenting and testing new services, in an attempt to make our global shipping more cost-effective. So it is with great delight that we announce, with immediate effect, our new shipping prices:

We’re now EU customs friendly!

We’ve been “customs friendly” to the USA for a while now, but we’re delighted to say that all our shipping to Europe is now “customs friendly” too! We send our games via a ‘Delivery Duties Paid’ (DDP) method.

In Other News: Pre-orders Now Open for Season 3 Whole Seasons! Limited Stock Available

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