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Board Game Designers Wanted

Here at the Detective Society, we're a diverse bunch with one shared passion: gaming!

Our network includes many different experts working in video gaming, immersive theatre, VR, board games and more.

To help connect our friends, partners and colleagues and to grow some of these "ideas" into finished games, we're looking for expressions of interest from experienced designers.

One of our projects is a collection of board game mechanics - some of which are unique - that we've been playing about with for a few years now. We also have a loose theme.

We need someone to help bring this all together into a playable prototype.

We're looking for a partner, a collaborator or a new colleague.

We have considerable publishing & marketing power behind us, with global reach. But we need a board game designer to bring our ideas together into a playable prototype.

This person would need experience with euro games, resource management games, worker placement etc.

We're not looking for artists, or anything related to printing / manufacturing (game 'development') - this is purely about mechanics and game design.

Any questions, you can email our MD at [email protected]

Please note, we may not be able to respond to everyone who contacts us about working together. Our apologies in advance for this.

How to apply

  • CV’s are cool, but sending us an example of some past work, a link to your portfolio or a game you’ve made is much cooler!
  • Click here to apply.



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