Publish With Us

Here at the Detective Society, we're a diverse bunch with one shared passion: gaming!

Our network includes many different experts working in video gaming, immersive theatre, VR, board games and more.

We have considerable publishing & marketing power behind us, with global reach. We've built a diverse and responsible supply chain and a robust fulfilment network.

This makes us well positioned to publish complimentary games and projects under The Detective Society/Damfino Productions Ltd banner.

If you have a board game, puzzle/mystery game or similar project you've been working on, and are looking for publishing help - then consider getting in touch with us.

Your game does not have to be related to The Detective Society series. It doesn't even need to be in the same format. It could be a print-and-play game, or an immersive theatre experience. We're open!

Key Requirement:

We're looking for "more than ideas".

Ideas are great. We've got millions of them. But what's even better than an idea, is action.

If you've already created a prototype for your game, written an in-depth game-design-document, created a trailer or any other action that showcases your idea - we want to see it.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to be able to respond to speculative enquiries regarding publishing that do not present "more than an idea".

How to enquire

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